How Many Units of Botox Do You Need?

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How Many Units of Botox Do You Need?

Botox substitute is a well-respected neuromodulator that helps relax facial muscles for a more youthful appearance, even for the most challenging dynamic wrinkles and gummy smile corrections. When you get botox in Calgary, at Totally Botox, we think it’s important to arm each patient with the knowledge they need to make an educated choice about their cosmetic objectives and course of treatment, including the number of Botox units required.

Is Botox the right treatment option?

Numerous conditions can be prevented and minimized using Botox Cosmetic, such as drooping eyebrows, bunny lines around the nose, downturned lips, chin dimples, and crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes. Botox can be used for many different regions, although it is most commonly advised for wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, on the forehead, and between the eyebrows.

How many units of botox do you need?

Sorting through the pricing per unit and estimating how much you will need can be a little intimidating when you first start thinking about Botox cosmetic treatments. Although the optimal quantity of Botox injections can only be ascertained through a professional consultation with a dermatologist, there are fundamental guidelines for the quantity of Botox that are set by the FDA-approved manufacturer, Allergan.

To give you an idea of what to anticipate from your first treatment, here are the average units of botox near you for the various facial areas:

  • Chin: 2–6 pieces
  • Mouth corners: three to six units
  • Crow’s feet: 5–15 units (outer canthal lines)
  • Lifting the brow: 2–5 units
  • Horizontal and forehead lines: 10–30 units
  • Lines of frown: 10–25 units
  • Between the eyes, the glabellar lines measure 10–25 units.
  • Jaw area (masseter): each side, 15–50 units
  • Around the nose: five to ten lines
  • Neck (platysmal): 25–50 units

Everybody’s needs are different

The quantity of units you will be given will depend on your specific requirements. For the treatment of severe fine lines and wrinkles, some patients might require more than the suggested amounts.

Because men often have stronger facial muscles, it will take more Botox to reach those muscles. If a man has crow’s feet, he might require 15 units on each side. Undoubtedly, every patient is unique, and the number of units required will depend on each person’s demands.

Sometimes less is more

Together, you and your cosmetic practitioner will create a strategy that will gradually increase your Botox dosage until it reaches its ideal point. It is usually preferable to begin small and increase gradually. Particularly if you are receiving Botox treatments for the first time. More can be added if needed when you return for your two-week follow-up consultation. Two weeks is when the effects of the Botox treatment will peak; therefore, now is the ideal time to examine the outcomes. Adding more units is simple, but once they are distributed, they cannot be taken away. The duration of the effects is three to four months.

You would have to wait for the effects of Botox to wear off if you received too much. See a plastic surgeon or an injection specialist the next time you’re searching for Botox treatments.

Schedule Your Consultation with Totally Botox

Our staff makes it simple to get started if you’re ready to design the ideal Botox cosmetic treatment plan to meet your objectives.

Reversing the aging process and stopping the formation of future wrinkles can be achieved using an alternative to Botox. It’s critical to utilize the appropriate number of Botox units to get the intended results if you want the best possible outcome from your procedure. Make an appointment for a consultation with us to find out more about Botox.